The game of continental Pong continues.  Last Tuesday I flew BWI to SFO, and worked like a rented pony in Los Altos and Palo Alto for a week.  Seriously, my time sheet had a 66.5 hour work week, and I didn't work on the Sunday.  Thank god(s) for overtime.

The real tragedy is I was within an hour's drive, even with a rented car, and never got close to the Folsom Street Festival. 

Tomorrow morning, and an ungodly hour, I'm heading back for two weeks.  Hopefully, after the initial Hell of the coming weekend, I'll actually have time to, oh, I don't know, maybe see a person I don't work with. 
hi, chair

Don't faint

Yes, I'm posting.  I'll wait while you recover your sense of reality.

In about six hours I'm heading to the airport (BWI) to fly to Palo Alto for a week, for business.  I recently changed positions at my law firm (now fully upright!), and the new one involves sometimes visiting our other offices.  First winner, Palo Alto.

I'm there through next Monday, when I fly home just for a DC Lambda Squares open house I'm calling on Tuesday of next week, then back to the West Coast on Thursday for another two weeks.  Hopefully somewhere in there I'll get a chance to see a few people.

If you're in the area, I'm taking bids for my time.  Seriously, though, I have no idea what to expect.  For all I know they'll expect me to work 16 hour days.  Hope they're prepared for disappointment.

So let me know if you'd like to try to get together for food, drinks, chatting, whatever, and I'll try to fit you in.